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Star Parker devotes her life to address issues of culture, race and poverty from a Judeo-Christian conservative perspective.

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Black Community News is the source of conservative news for the black community. This project by CURE delivers news and analysis from critical thinkers such as Star Parker, Walter Williams, and Alveda King.

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Conservatives sound 'wake-up' call in Washington

Voters sense they have been shut out of their own country, that Washington politics is now a spectator sport, where voters have as much influence on what is happening on the field as they have when they watch an NFL game, helped elect Trump.

culture wars

The poor are not poor because the rich are rich

Envy doesn't create wealth. Freedom and character does.

culture wars

How Rep. Steve Cohen keeps his district poor

It is indeed a challenge to get truth into poor black communities that have suffered for years from liberal leaders like Cohen telling them what they need is more government and abortion.

culture wars

Free the tax code from special interests

According to the Tax Foundation, compliance with the U.S. tax code consumed, in 2016, 8.9 billion hours at a cost of $409 billion.


A local school board election can change the nation

Today, the values transmitted in public schools are based on secular humanism. Why should Christian families, or families of any religion, be forced to swallow this?


Trump's timely Evangelical appeal

As the culture war in America rages, Trump understands the political dividends to be gained by clearly supporting traditional Christian values and unabashed American patriotism.

culture wars

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