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Star Parker devotes her life to address issues of culture, race and poverty from a Judeo-Christian conservative perspective.

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Black Community News is the source of conservative news for the black community. This project by CURE delivers news and analysis from critical thinkers such as Star Parker, Walter Williams, and Alveda King.

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In health care, we need less government, not more

Can you imagine going to the supermarket and seeing the shelves filled but no prices displayed?

health care

Socialism has already hurt America

Life in our poor communities is in the grip of socialism, not capitalism.


Response to the State of the Union

This president, who the left is attacking as a racist and a dictator, has gotten America growing faster than it has in years, with black and Latino unemployment rates the lowest they have been in history.


Trump is leading, not caving

A just released Wall Street Journal/NBC poll shows Trump's approval at 43 percent and disapproval at 54 percent — exactly where he was last month.

limited government

Parental choice in education is vital

Did removing the Bible from education improve our public schools, making them more value neutral? Certainly not.


Freedom starts with respect for life

One day Americans will look back on our history with disbelief that it was once legal in America for women to be judge and jury of life itself and to destroy the miracle of life within them.

culture wars

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