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Star Parker devotes her life to address issues of culture, race and poverty from a Judeo-Christian conservative perspective.

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Black Community News is the source of conservative news for the black community. This project by CURE delivers news and analysis from critical thinkers such as Star Parker, Walter Williams, and Alveda King.

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President Trump and the Israel Test

The problems that plagued America in the past, and that plague America today, trace to abandonment of the great truths — these great truths rooted in the Hebrew Bible.

culture wars

Draining the Food Stamp Swamp

Do we really want a huge new government bureaucracy buying and packaging food baskets for 40 million enrollees?


Michelle Wolf vs Mike Pence

America is divided into two sides that have so little in common, and share so few values, that it is not clear whether our national fabric can withstand the great tension pulling on it.

culture wars

Who Is Jim Jordan?

I find the prospect of Jordan running for House speaker of great interest.

culture wars

Trump's vitally important anti-poverty initiative

The usual left-wing megaphones, those that can't tell the difference between compassion and spending billions of other people's dollars, have wasted no time to go on attack.


Trump should focus on debt crisis rather than trade

We lose when politicians start picking winners and losers, whether domestically or internationally. Let the marketplace pick winners and losers.


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