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Star Parker devotes her life to address issues of culture, race and poverty from a Judeo-Christian conservative perspective.

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Black Community News is the source of conservative news for the black community. This project by CURE delivers news and analysis from critical thinkers such as Star Parker, Walter Williams, and Alveda King.

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Freedom starts with respect for life

One day Americans will look back on our history with disbelief that it was once legal in America for women to be judge and jury of life itself and to destroy the miracle of life within them.

culture wars

Left-wing fake news hurts the nation

One defining characteristic of these millions of men who have dropped out of the workforce is an absence of family.

culture wars

Trump using American capitalism to help the poor

Data shows the gap between black and white unemployment has dramatically shrunk, showing that blacks are, in an unprecedented way, participating in the economic recovery.


Protect our nation -- build the wall

The point is there are real threats. Would anyone have opposed spending $50 billion or $100 billion if it could have stopped 9/11?

limited government

Trump's important new Africa strategy

Trump Administration is right on target in advancing both American and African interests by moving 'nations toward self-reliance and away from long-term dependency.'


Family breakdown explains social unrest

Weakening of the family generally occurs in an environment of weakening of religion.

culture wars

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