Star Parker: Mass shootings are about mass murderers, not guns

February 22, 2018 | Star Parker

After my interview about the mass murder in Florida, I thought about my response and realized that it leaves so much open to misinterpretation. But after you watch it, I know you'll agree with me.

The reality is we're not talking about the real problem! Why aren't we talking about the psychology of men (and young men in particular) who commit these mass murders?

And I'm not talking about mental illness -- a whole separate issue. The insidious left-wing media is driving the debate before we even know the names of the dead. They want us to buy into their narrative about confiscating guns from our homes but there is a deeper story that few are talking about.  

We can turn our schools into prisons and place each child in a protective cell but this will not solve the problem of mass murderers. Instead, what is happening is a problem that we must solve as a country and the answers are found in the places the Left don't want us to look!

While my response may be controversial, I hope it sparks the real debate we need to have.

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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