Star Parker: Economic disparities between races are based on values, not racism

September 21, 2018 | Star Parker

Friend --

I spoke to Mark Steyn today on Rush Limbaugh's show about CURE's upcoming Pastor Policy Summit in Washington, DC.

I told him that Donald Trump is winning on the issues and over 100 pastors are coming to Washington, DC to join with us for the summit, with our goal to reach 150 pastors before October.

Friend, we're going to fix this country and make America great again, no matter what the liberals say. We won in the election booth and we're going to win again.

Listen to our interview as I talk about our pastor summit, the pastors -- who are coming from places such as Chicago -- and also about the widening gulf between the poor and the middle class that the Left want to blame on racism. You'll want to hear what I tell him about that gap.

After you listen to our quick interview, please support our work with an urgent contribution of $100 or more

If you agree with what I say in this interview and believe in our work to mobilize conservative pastors in distressed communities across the country -- especially in battleground cities and states -- sponsor a pastor so he may attend our Pastor Policy Summit with an immediate contribution of $1,500 or more

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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