Star Parker: Democrats are the Overseers on the plantation, making sure no one knows about freedom

October 31, 2018 | Star Parker

Tucker Carlson: So Kanye West gave a long stream-of-consciousness talk in the White House recently and was roundly attacked for it But if you listen carefully there were some insightful points he made and he made some important questions, including whether black Americans ought to be monolithically loyal to the Democratic Party. Why should they be? That's a question a lot of people are asking as well. 

Star Parker is one of them. She's the founder and president of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education. She just wrote a piece that suggests the Democrats have moved left on religion and social policy, even the rule of law itself. They could continue to alienate some conservative-minded black voters. Star Parker joins  us.

Star, thank you very much for coming on. A simple question: First, why should African Americans who for generations have been very loyal to the Democratic Party rethink that loyalty?

Star Parker: They've been loyal to the Democratic Party because blacks have bought this idea of activist government. But something very exciting is happening now with Trump in office. The Trump Administration is focusing on urban communities and initiatives so we have two things happening that are very, very exciting.

Number one, African American millenials -- those that Kanye West motivated or those that Candace Owen motivated -- say 'wait a minute, what have Democrats done for us?' First of all, the millenial does not buy this 'racism behind every rock' narrative of the Democrat Party because their friends are diverse. They've grown up in a post-Civil Rights era. So they don't know that world at all.

But secondly, they're individualists. They like uniqueness. We can see that in the tattoos that they wear, and so this whole idea of collectivism and big government doesn't work for them as well.

But what's also happened is you have the Baby Boom black. The Baby Book black is more traditional in their world-view. So now the Democrat Party has become so extreme to the left, so progressive that it is conflicting with the Baby Boom black's world-view and values and their concern for their grandchildren and what they're learnign in school. So we'll see how it all plays out. We're looking very closely, our group is looking very closely at Wisconsin, Michigan -- we're talking about the Senate seats -- we're talking about the governors' seats. We should all be looking at Georgia, at Florida, and to some degree Maryland. So I'm very excited about the momentum in the black community.

Tucker Carlson: So if you're an African American voter and your family's been in this country for 400 years -- a long time in a lot of cases -- and all of a sudden your Party is telling you the real concern is the people who aren't even legally from here, foreign nationals and other countries. Do you ask yourself at some point, 'what about me, the American citizen?'

Star Parker: Right.

Tucker Carlson: Does that turn off voters at a certain point?

Star Parker: It's not only turning them off, this hijacking of the Civil Rights movement  that's taking place for legal minorities, but illegals are even more frustrating, because no you're looking at an environment where you have that low-wage worker competing for jobs in communities and against people who will not speak English.

It's no only affecting the real low wage-earners, it's affecting the middle class because if you want to work in any type of public service, for the fire department, for the police department, for the teachers, anything you have to be bilingual. And this is making a tremendous impact on African Americans to rethink who these new arrivals are and why they...

Tucker Carlson: I think it's a totally fair question. I never even thought about the bilingual question but it's a real one.

Star Parker: Oh, it's horrible. In California, you can take the driver's license test in 40 languages.

Tucker Carlson: I never hear Maxine Waters or any member of the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus) mention that. Why?

Star Parker: Because they're very invested in progressivism. It's their job to make sure blacks do not get any of this information. The whole Congressional Black Caucus is similar to the Overseer during slavery. They had to make sure that no slave gets any information about freedom. And that's been their role for the last 50 years.

What's happening now with the internet is people are getting more information. In fact, even my organization, we have our own news site:, so people are getting other sources of news and they're finding out the truth.

But what President Trump has said lately about 'fake news' is very real. So there are many instruments who are competing against the mainstream media so we can get information and blacks are hearing those messages.

Tucker Carlson: Star Parker, thank you for joining us.

Star Parker: You're welcome

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