Star Parker: Black Christian undermine their values when they vote for Democrats

January 16, 2019 | Star Parker

Friend --

This morning I was on Fox News to talk about two issues: the harm of minimum wage and religious freedom. 

In my interview where I debated a Democratic strategist, I pointed out how blacks undermine their values when they support liberals. As you know, my work at CURE changes hearts and change minds about how our government was founded and why small government works.

As expected, the liberal media pounced on my words and twisted them. At one website, there are over 430 comments about what I said. Most are negative but many are positive.

Friend, the response to my ideas is a great sign that people listen to what I say. That's why people like you financially support my non-profit organization to keep me spreading the truth about the uniqueness of our country -- a uniqueness the Left plans to destroy.

Please watch my short debate and if you want to keep me speaking out for freedom, back my work at CURE with an urgent and immediate financial contribution. As I begin to March for Life in Washington, DC to protect our unborn babies this week, I think of supporters like you whose hard-earned reward keeps my non-profit protecting freedom, especially in our distressed zip codes that have been ignored for too long conservatives.

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,

In an interview on Fox News, Star Parker said minimum wage should be set at the agreement between the employer and the employee, not the government. Parker added that those who have no education or skills need to access the bottom rung of the ladder to success and minimum wage halts economic growth as employers hire fewer people.

Also, Star Parker said that blacks who are Christians undermine their values when they vote for Democrats.

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