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December 28, 2011 | Star Parker | Syndicated Nationally by Creators

The challenge for blacks in this country is they live in pockets that liberals have controlled for a long time.

Star Parker appeared on Fox and Friends in December 2011 and said there is a disdain for the wealthy in President Obama.

Host: Let's see a clip of President Obama  pushing his idea of "fair share" on "60 Minutes".

Obama (clip from 60 minutes): Either we have a system which the people who have benefited from this "new economy" ... either they're doing a little bit more or they're not ... I think they should because, and this is not because I'm interested in punishing the rich. I want everyone to be rich. That's great! It has to do with the fact that the less I'm asking you or me to do, the more I'm asking somebody who's in a much tougher position to sacrifice.

Host: But our next guest says President Obama's plan to make everyone rich is just turning America into the land of the envious and home of the victim. Star Parker, author of "Uncle Sam's Plantation" and president and founder of the Center for Urban Renewal and Education joins me to explain. Good morning to you Star!

Star Parker: Good morning. It's good to be with you.

Host: Thank you. What do you mean by those comments?

Star: Well, there is a disdain for the wealthy in this president and when you think about this "new economy" that he's discussing, the reason people, or those who are low wage workers today are at risk and are suffering are because of these attacks on the wealthy.  Their portfolios fell apart.

Poor people are not poor because the wealthy are wealthy. In fact, it is the wealthy in this country who provide the employment for those who have less.

You know, I know first hand of what this president is discussing when he talks about class warfare and what it is he's trying to do to this country.  I lived seven years in and out of welfare. And it wasn't until after a Christian conversion that I got control over my life, went to college, got a degree in business and went into business.

Once I was in business, that's when I found out about this disdain and how much liberals just hate the business that is conducted in this society, how much they hate the free market system and capitalism. What he is doing is dividing our nation today -- pitting the wealthy against those with less means and we will fall apart as a result.

Host: You know, it's interesting because you say that actually something like raising the minimum wage ends up hurting people who are on the poorer spectrum in America. What do you mean by that?

Star: Well it absolutely does. In fact that has gotten little attention about why the poor are hurting the way that they are today, about why the small businesses are not employing. Now there are other factors, of course, but remember it was Nancy Pelosi, when she had control of the House, passed a bill that allowed for minimum wage to go up a couple of dollars and President Obama signed that into law shortly after he came into office.

Well, when you have that type of increase against businesses who are trying to develop employment during a time when the economy's already collapsing, with these small businesses, they are not going to hire.

And what it has done, it has escalated unemployment, especially in our hard-hit communities. The black youth unemployment rate is approaching 50 percent. This is what an increase in the minimum wage has done to our harder-hit communities.

Host: African Americans have a 15.5 percent unemployment rate while the national average is 8.6 percent.

Star: It is higher, but let's keep in mind that in 2007, the unemployment rate was about 8 percent, so it has doubled, the same way our society's has doubled.

The challenge for blacks in this country is they live in pockets that liberals have controlled for a long time. There's an aggressive taxation with excessive tax over most of our cities. There's aggressiveness with liberal policies such as environmental protection, if you will call it that, and the excessive regulation.

So most of the employment in these harder-hit communities come from these small businesses that there's this disdain out of this Barack Obama administration. So we can't fix ourselves until we have serious discussions about the excessive taxation and excessive regulation against the business community.

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