Star Parker: Work requirements for welfare encourage responsibility

June 21, 2017 | Star Parker

Alabama recently created a law that required welfare recipients to work to be eligible for food stamps. After the law went into effect, there was an 85 percent drop in food stamp recipients in 13 counties!

In an interview with the hosts of Fox and Friends, Star Parker said government should make laws that encourage people to be responsible. So far, the government spends $71 billion per year on SNAP benefits (food stamps). In 2000, that number was only $13 billion. "When government makes laws that believe people are responsible with their choices, then they make laws that encourage them to be responsible," Parker said.

Star Parker also addresses Amazon offering food stamp recipients free Prime membership to encourage spending taxpayer dollars on Amazon.

Star also addresses Colin Kaepernick's dismissal from the NFL and Black Lives Matter's response to boycott the NFL.

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